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This Fun and Budget-friendly Tourist Place in Bogor is Suitable for Visiting After Payday

There are many tourist attractions in Bogor that are charming and ready to be used as an exciting vacation location to visit after the payday moment. Rather than the payday spent used to hang out, there is no harm in using it occasionally for sightseeing for the sake of refreshing the mind.

Moreover, there are many choices of tourist spots in Bogor that offer beauty and budget saving suitable for exciting and memorable holidays. Not inferior to tourism elsewhere, Bogor provides tourism options such as natural tourism, water tourism, to artificial tourism that can be used selected according to your holiday taste.

Don’t forget to capture every interesting moment through the camera snap for mementos or posts on social media. Well, for a choice of tourist spots in Bogor, here are 6 Bogor tours that you can visit on weekends or holidays. Find out here!

Exciting and Budget-Saving Tourist

This Fun and Budget-friendly Tourist Place in Bogor is Suitable for Visiting After Payday

1. Sindang Goods Culture Village

Tourist attractions in Bogor are first there is Sindang Goods Culture Village. Being here, you can find about 27 traditional house buildings. You can also stay there, you know!

Other attractiveness that can be reached at a tourist spot in Bogor this one is the existence of a building complete with its traditional musical and game equipment. Visitors can learn to dance to play musical instruments in there. Where, then, is this tourist spot in Bogor?

Sindang Culture Village Bus Good was found on Jalanendangng Sumawijaya RT.02, Sandi Eurih Village, Tamansari District, Sindang Banya, Bogor Regency. Don’t miss this tourist spot in Bogor.

2. The Grand Cave of Garunggang

This Bogor one tour offers the natural beauty of a cave with its beautiful stalactites. You can go in for a walk down the Great Cave of Garunggang. The tourist attractions in Bogor in the form of caves will bring visitors to a picturesque location with its sturdy and dashing cliffs.

For those of you who like photo hunting with a cool background, it’s best not to miss a photo opportunity here. This one Bogor tourist destination can be found on Jalan Ptp Dalal, Karang Tengah, Babaka Subdistrict Madang, Bogor, West Java.

3. Mount Surang

Tourist attractions in Bogor that can you visit next is Mount Surang. The tour offers natural beauty complete with its hot spring bath. Located in Mount Purang, ShopBackers can also do such fun activities as biking, hiking, or making it a camping site.

This tourist spot in Bogor is also chanting the distinctive charm of a protected forest filled with free-living wildlife. This tourist location is in Karang Tengah Village, or precisely in Babakan Madang District. For you which loves nature tourism, a tourist spot in Bogor. This one is worth visiting.

4. Pura Jagatkarta

Pura Jagatkarta menso one of the tourist spots in Bogor which is also no less exciting to visit. Why not, Pura Jagatkarta became the biggest pretender on Java Island after Pura Besakih. This tourist spot in Bogor one presents a charming view and cool air.

However, there are some things to watch out for while at a tourist spot in Bogor on this one. One is not to climb sacred buildings. you are also not allowed to sit or ride 2 tiger statues there.

Those things the renunciation of the rules that visitors must obey while on the pretense. Well, if you are interested in this tourist destination in Bogor, you can go straight to Taman Sari Village, Cielus Village.

5. Curug the Angel

Tourist attractions in Bogor this one offers the beauty of waterfalls with heights ranging from 40 meters. Not only is the beauty of the waterfall, you can also find a panoramic view of nature so beautiful in the Curug of Angels.

Visitors also will are pampered with various fun rides ranging from water slide, wave pool, and lazy pool in one of these Bogor tourist attractions. A variety of facilities such as parking lot, culinary gubug, to dressing room are also available.

To be able to visit to one of Bogor’s tourist attractions called Curug Anglima, you can go straight to the address of Jalan Sentul Paradise Park, Bojong Koneng, Babakan Madang District, Bogor, West Java.

Final Words

So which tourist destination in Bogor would you like to visit after payday? The various recommendations of Bogor tourist attractions above can certainly be used as an option. Moreover, there is a lot of excitement from various tourist spots in Bogor that will definitely make you feel comfortable enjoying it.

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