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Home » Refreshing Eyes, 4 Shooting Locations of Korean Drama ‘Yumi’s Cells’, Could be your next list of destinations, here!

Refreshing Eyes, 4 Shooting Locations of Korean Drama ‘Yumi’s Cells’, Could be your next list of destinations, here!

Combining the cute animation elements and the acting prowess of the cast making Korean dramas, Yumi’s Cells successfully got a place in the hearts of viewers. This drama starring Kim Go Eun and Ahn Bo Hyun has aired as many as thirteen episodes.

Yumi’s Cells tells of the struggle of Yu Mi (Kim Go Eun), an office worker who has many brain cells in which those cells play an important role in Yu Mi’s daily life. Those cells fought hard to be able to make Yu Mi seasoning with Goo Wong (Ahn Bo Hyun).

Since the first episode was released, Yumi’s Cells presented several eye-catching filming locations and remained in the South Korean region. Where, then, are some filming locations for Yumi’s Cells that have beautiful scenery? Can you make it list tourist destinations, you know. Here’s the full list.

Shooting Locations of Korean Drama ‘Yumi’s Cells’

Refreshing Eyes, 4 Shooting Locations of Korean Drama ‘Yumi’s Cells’, Could be your next list of destinations, here!

1. Ilsan Lake Park

In the second episode, Yumi’s Cells shows a scene when Yu Mi is dating Woogie (Minho ‘SHINee’) while watching a festival in the park, whose location is not far from where Yu Mi lives.

As it turns out, the park it Ilsan Lake Park which is a park complex with an area of about 991,800 square meters, accompanied by an artificial lake. Ilsan Lake Park first opened on May 4, 1996. The location of Ilsan Lake Park is at 595, Hosu-ro, Ilsandong District, Goyang City, Gyeonggi Province.

Not just waxed artificial lake, but Ilsan Lake Park also has other interesting tourist attractions, such as artificial island, children’s playground, music fountain, flower garden with 100 species of litter, up to the city forest have 200,000 trees. If you intend to go to South Korea and stop by in April, you can see the Goyang International Flower Festival held annually at Ilsan Lake Park.

2. Mochuisle

On his date Dengwoo An Woogie is bullied by Ruby (Lee Yu Bi), Woogie takes Yu Mi to a restaurant. Here, Woogie tells her identity and pairs Yumi with her best friend. Instantly, Yu Mi broke her heart because she was sincere, Yu Mi likes Woogie a lot.

Dating scenes in the restaurant took the site at Mochuisle located in Heyri Art Village, 54, Heyri Maeul-gil, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju City, Gyeonggi Province. Mochuisle is often used as a family dining place in large capacities.

This restaurant serves a variety of western dishes that indulge in tongue, ranging from various pasta, risotto, salad, steak, to pizza. You can enter Mochuisle as a list of must-visit restaurants while in Korean and tasted its best menu.

3. Paju First Garden

Continuing third episode, Yu Mi began to get acquainted with Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun), they dated while watching a frog-nuanced festival described by Kkummaru Park. The two are seen enjoying time and clop to each other.

As it turns out, Kkummaru park who is a silent witness to Woong and Yu Mi’s dating is in South Korea, here. To be precise in Paju First Garden, the new 66,115.7-square-meter garden complex opened in April 2017.

Paju First Garden location at 260 Tapsakgol-gil, unjeong 1(il)-dong, Paju City, Gyeonggi Province. Inside the complex, there are many rides and esthetic shops that make you feel comfortable there.

4. Radio M

Still remember with the scene where Woong suddenly lost his concentration when he met Yu Mi? With control of her cells, Yu Mi takes Woong to relax at a cafe over coffee.

At the Rad cafe M was the first time Woong tried to put out his garage joke and responded to Yu Mi with a laugh. Radio M’s Samcheong branch is on the site of 37-2 Samcheong-ro 2-gil, Jongno District, South Korea. The cafe is a gallery that takes on the theme of vintage radio.

Not only Yumi’s Cells that took the filming process on Radio M, but the movie Midnight Runners starring Park Seo Joon also once had an interview session here in August 2017. Interesting to visiting?

Final Words

Well, that’s the lineup of filming locations from the Korean drama Yumi’s Cells that refreshes the eyes. Hopefully next year, South Korea has already opened a tourist visa, so travelers from foreign countries can tour again. Interested in visiting him?

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