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Nuanced Europe, It’s 5 Shooting Locations of ‘Dali and Cocky Prince’:Like visiting Europe despite being in Korea

Dali and Cocky Prince is one of the Korean ongoing dramas with a romantic comedy genre that opened last September. Played Park Gyu Young, Kim Min Jae, and Kwon Yool as the main stars, the drama raises the life story of Kim Da Li (Park Gyu Young), as the son of a smart art gallery owner.

He worked as a researcher at a renowned gallery in the Netherlands. One day, he accidentally meets with Jin Moo Hak (Kim Min Jae), a successful businessman who is a descendant of a Korean food franchise leader. This accidental Dutch encounter, too, slowly grew into the seeds of relation will continue in their home country, Korea.

If you follow the story, the two early episodes of the drama are backgrounded in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Even so, it turns out that the filming location is in Korea, you know! Come on, check out the 7 filming locations of the following Korean drama Dali and Cocky Prince, which turns out to be thick European nuances!

Shooting Locations of ‘Dali and Cocky Prince’

Nuanced Europe, It’s 5 Shooting Locations of ‘Dali and Cocky Prince’: Like visiting Europe despite being in Korea

1. Jeju Jocheon Swiss Village

This location is Ki’s place Da Li cycled when taking a trip home from the gallery at the beginning of episode 1. Jin Moo Hak at the time also paid a visit to this location to look for Da Li in a later episode.

Buildings with color dominance This red and yellow is located in Jeju Jocheon Swiss Village, which is a commercial and residential complex located in Jeju Island.

The building consists of 2 flor, with the floor being first used as a restaurant, cafe and shop. While the floor is second, it is rented as an inn or residence.

2. ChangeUp Campus — Gyeonggi English Village Paju Camp

This location is in the wrong onecorner of Amsterdam city, Netherlands, where Kim Da Li made his way across the complex in episode 1. Jin Moo Hak is also said to have paid a visit to this site while about to search for Da Li’s whereabouts.

European shades in this location really viscous because its buildings follow European architecture. It aims to support the function of its own place, which is as a place of English learning for a collection of people interested in learning. Thus, the region has also been dubbed the ‘British college’, which was established in 2006.

3. Paradise City

St. Miller Kunst Galerg, the art gallery where Kim Da Li worked as this researcher, was lifted from the exterior of Paradise City. With its luxurious exterior, this filming location is also in Korea, you know!

Paradise City is a resort a Korean-style luxury that offers a variety of facilities and entertainment. Inside, you are presented with an unforgettable hotel stay experience, because you can shop in a shopping mall, play in a casino, would self in a spa venue, visiting art galleries, carnivals, up to several performance venues.

4. Mimesis Art Museum

This time, Mimesis Art The museum appears as the interior of St. Miller Kunst Galerg. The location was also seen in episode 1, when Director Koch (Barri Tsvaris) was seen interacting with his employees before searching for Kim Da Li’s whereabouts.

Built by Open Books in 2006-2009, the Mimesis Art Museum was a museum that served as an art gallery. The building was designed by Korean architect, Kim June Sung, who collaborated with two Portuguese Architects, Alvaro Siza and Carlos Castanheira. The museum provides a very large exhibition space, with a building area of up to 3,600 square meters.

5. Saint Four Golf 5 Resort

Exterior of Saint Four Golf and Resort is a luxury house occupied by Kim Da Li, during his time working as a researcher in the Netherlands. Jin Moo Hak also had a chance to stay at his house because at that time he could not afford the hotel.

This place turns me on a rendition of a popular resort complex and hotel, comprising an eco-friendly luxury golf course. Having a very thick European tinge with beautiful scenery, it turns out that the resort’s location is on Jeju Island.


Those are the 5 shooting locations of the drama ‘Dali and Cocky Prince’ in Korea that has a thick European nuance, which can be used as inspiration when visiting Korea after the pandemic is over. Don’t forget to jot down the address, yes!

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