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Not Seoul, It’s South Korea’s Top 5 Cities to Visit: Let It Be Different from Other Korean Tourism

The outbreak of a Korean drama series showing how beautiful the city is there makes us delusion of wanting to visit it soon one day. There, we will experience an unforgettable experience that will be memorable for life.

Seoul became the capital as well as the city in South Korea that was often made the scene of Korean serials and movies. However, since we have seen it many times in the screen, we have gradually become memorized and considered it something normal.

If you want to experience an anti-mainstream holiday, this line of cities in South Korea you can choose from. Because, besides being unusual, these cities are listed as the best cities to visit. Anything at all?

South Korea’s Top 5 Cities to Visit

Not Seoul, It’s South Korea’s Top 5 Cities to Visit: Let It Be Different from Other Korean Tourism

1. Incheon

If you once to South Korea, Incheon’s name is probably familiar to you isn’t it? For in this city there are international airports located serving flights from and to all parts of the world.

Incheon is to the east of Seoul and it is directly bordered by that South Korean capital. Although it includes a modern metropolitan city, Incheon is not as peaceful as Seoul. Even within this city, there are many facilities that you don’t have to go out of town to enjoy. For example, a variety of public transportation is well integrated, well-equipped educational facilities, amusement parks, to green open parks in every corner.

2. Pohang

You likes beach will definitely stay lingering in Pohang. This one town has a beautiful beach with iconic hand-shaped sculptures.

Other than as the world’s largest factory site and steel industry, Posco, Pohang is also known as a city for a comfortable rest. Here are many beautiful hiking trails. This line is designed to be competitive climbers, ranging from novice climbers, to professionals. You can try it in Pohang.

Pohang too has Gyeongju and Seokguram Cave which are recognized as world heritage sites by UNESCO. Guaranteed you won’t run out of activities to explore this place.

3. Jeju Island

You once watching Squid Game must still remember the scene when Kang Sae Byeok told Ji Yeong about her wish to visit Jeju Island. The beauty of the island made Kang Sae Byeok crave so much come to him some time.

Not just Kang Sae Byeok, a foreign tourist and even Koreans themselves like Jeju Island very much. The island has a warm almost tropical climate, so it is well loved as their holiday destination.

Usually, Korean rang chose Jeju Island as their honeymoon location. For the island is famous for its romantic city and is no less than Paris or Venice.

On Jeju Island there is a Love Land theme park and a traditional Shining Light Field Flea Market. For lodging, here are a lot of five-star hotels that you can choose according to your budget you have.

4. Gwangju

Gwangju is a silent witness to South Korea’s political history. In 1980 the pro-democracy uprising that took place in South Korea began in this city.

Regardless from political history, Gwangju is also known as South Korea’s contemporary art and culture city. You who love the art world so much can stay a float in this town to explore it.

Here you can enjoy many eye-fulfilling art performances. From museums, art galleries, to theaters. But, if you prefer to enjoy viewing nature and outdoor service, you can visit Mt. Mudeung National Park which is open all year round.

5. Jeonju

If you not likes the hustle and bustle of a big city, Jeonju City could be the right choice for you to leave. The city has one unique region called Han Villageok. The village became a favorite of travelers because it has buildings that retain Korea’s typical medieval architecture.

Though city small, Jeonju also hosts for the annual international festival of the International Sori Festival. In the festival a variety of performances will be presented music, movies and other works of art. In addition, there are also traditional Korean foods that you can taste here.

Final Words

That was the list of the best cities in South Korea to visit other than Seoul. So, where are you going first?

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