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Minimal Crime, Here’s a List of the 5 Most Safe Cities in the World, Making You No Need to Worry About Walking

EUI or ‘Economist Intelligence Unit’, has designated 10 safest cities in the world. The EUI has ranked for 60 cities with 72 assessments. This ranking was made with the aim of providing an overview of urban safety globally.

This suggests that the importance of sustainability issues and climate adaptation measures following the corona virus pandemic. The five key values noticed are digital security, health, infrastructure, personal security, as well as the environment.

The pandemic of the corona virus has changed the global order. For example, digital security is the main focus today. This is because the entire activity has moved online. Even infrastructure security must be adjusted to the intensity of the user transport mode.

The pandemic has also shown a natural crisis that was not previously the main focus. In a pandemic situation like this, how is a truly safe city? Here are 5 of the world’s 10 safest cities according to EUI’s assessment.

Most Safe Cities in the World

Minimal Crime, Here’s a List of the 5 Most Safe Cities in the World, Making You No Need to Worry About Walking

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen occupied the rank first with a score of 82.4. Copenhagen has a high level of personal security, it’s recorded the city has the lowest crime rate for a decade.

The government focuses on early prevention through locally-based cooperation between schools, social services and police. In this city, you will get used to the relatively narrow economic gap.

2. Toronto, Canada

Toronto gets a grade 8 for personal security, for which the figure is quite large. Toronto ranks 9th in digital security and 12th in infrastructure security. Overall total score for Toronto was 82.2.

Toronto is famous country with expensive property prices. With property prices high, it doesn’t shut down tourists to come. Although Toronto belongs to a safe city, you still need to be careful walking alone at night.

3. Singapore

Singapore occupies rank second in terms of digital security. The overall total score for Singapore was 80.7. For health insurance coverage, the country ranked 8th, up five levels compared to 2017.

Singapore is also famous will the cleanliness of his city’s number one. Singapore’s willingness to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic also needs to be appreciated. The government emphasizes citizens for vaccines, to the extent that it is easy to access test a COVID-19 kit.

4. Sydney, Australia

Sydney occupies the fairies 4th for the safest city in the world with a score of 80.1. While for digital security, Sydney ranks first. Having a low crime rate, Sydney also has good infrastructure. With a wide variety of transportation devices, you don’t have to be confused while walking around Sydney.

5. Tokyo, Japan

Japanese, especially Tokyo, never miss out on city security. Despite having to drop the ranking by a score of 80, Tokyo succeeded in taking 5th place. The apical urban order, has led Tokyo to rank 5th, related to infrastructure security, beating Sydney.

Final Words

Guaranteed safety, which country do you want to visit?

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