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Home » Likes the Beauty of Colorful Flowers? Here Are 6 Most Popular FlowerGarden Tours in Indonesia to Visit Often

Likes the Beauty of Colorful Flowers? Here Are 6 Most Popular FlowerGarden Tours in Indonesia to Visit Often

Traveling activities are the most fun thing to do. Especially if the place visited is so cool with view is so beautiful. One place that can spoil the eyes of you is flower garden tours.

Surely the beautiful scenery of such a flower garden tour will be fascinated because you can’t see it every day. Moreover this flower garden will be decorated with flower beds that are so numerous and full in number pretty colors, thus making reluctant eyes look away.

Well, if you usually see the beauty of flower gardens in foreign countries, it turns out that there are also many flower gardens in this country. Even this flower tour park is most popular and is visited a lot tourists.

So is it curious which flower garden tourist spots are in Indonesia? Check the list here.

Flower Garden Tours in Indonesia

Likes the Beauty of Colorful Flowers? Here Are 6 Most Popular Flower Garden Tours in Indonesia to Visit Often

1. Begonia Lembang Flower Garden

Flower garden tourist destination all you can visit is Begonia Flower Park which is in Lembang, Bandung. This flower garden was originally built aimed at enriching the diversity of floriculture in the homeland.

As per its name, flower many of which are in the garden are Balinea Flowers or Begonia Flowers. Even so, you can see a variety of other flowers so that they are suitable for pampering the eyes and taking pictures.

Full address of tourism park this flower is on Maribaya Street, number 120A, Langensari, Lembang, West Bandung Regency. Meanwhile, the admission price is IDR 25,000,- for domestic, a percentage of tourists are charged IDR 30,000,-.

2. Cianjur Nusantara Flower Park

Next there is Bun Park tour the Nusantara in West Java. This park that was inaugurated in 1995 includes Jakarta citizens’ favorite tourist attractions, Bandung, and surrounding areas.

The park covers an area of 35 hectar of which 23 acres are used exclusively to care for flowers as well as flowering trees. Coolly, it’s thematic, like Bali Park, Japan Park, Palm Park, American Park, and still many thematic parks lain. The facilities are also complete, there are observation tower, food court, garden tram, and gazebo.

The tourist site of this flower garden exist on Mariwati Street KM 7, Kawungluwuk, Sukaresmi, Cianjur. For admission it amounts to Rp40,000,-.

3. Magelang Dewari Flower Park

Dewari Flower Park Tour is one of the popular destinations in Magelang, Central Java. The park site is located 10 km from Borobudur Temple’s tourist park. In this place you can photograph in the midst of the swamps of thousands of sunflower plants.

Besides, there are also spots attractive in the form of a mill garden that contains 10,000 windmills of colorful plastic materials. Meanwhile, the full address of the flower garden tour is in Kradenan, Baturono, Salam Subdistrict, Magelang at a tick priceet enter Rp10,000,- and open daily.

4. Yogyakarta Amarilis Flower Park

Next there is a flower garden tour yang is popular in Yogyakarta, Amarilis Flower Park. You can enjoy the beauty of amarilis flower beds that bloom once a year. The bloom duration is also only a week.

The best time for you to come to this flower garden tourist spot is the end of the year, when flowers bloom perfectly in the blasphemy season. This tour is in Ngasemayu, Salam, Patuk Subdistrict, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta Special Area at a price of coming ticket Rp10,000,-.

5. Poor Coban Talun Flower Garden

Maybe you’d think that tourism this is just a waterfall. But make no mistake, in this place there are also tourist spots of flower gardens that are so beautiful and asriatic. Filled with hydrangea flowers or often called daffodils. Not infrequently this occlusion is enshrined by visitors.

The tourist site of this flower garden is in Wonorejo hamlet, Tulungrejo, Bumiaji, Batu, is only 10 minutes from downtown Batu. Whereas admission costs Rp10,000.-.

6. Balinese Gemitir Flower Garden

Next you can visit to Bali. On this island of Dewata, there is also an exotic flower garden tour. Gemitir Flower Park is becoming one of Bali’s popular park tourist spots that enter the Bedugul area.

In this flower garden you will be flooded will be with a pretty view of Gemitir or marigolds that are orange. The marigold itself includes the typical flower in Bali because it is often used during religious ceremonies.

Those of you who want to come to the place this Gemitir flower garden tour, can directly visit the address of Turn/Sidan, Evening, Badung Regency, Bali. While admission to this park costs Rp5,000,-.

Final Words

After learning about the list of popular flower garden tours in the homeland, which have you gone? If you haven’t already, then it won’t hurt to advertise one or two of the flower garden tourist spots at the weekend.

If you have determined the destination of the flower garden to visit, don’t forget to also visit other places around it so that the vacation is even more exciting.

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