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[Best] 10 Tourist Attractions in Bukittinggi Choice of Travelers
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[Best] 10 Tourist Attractions in Bukittinggi Choice of Travelers

A million panoramas and natural charm stored both in the city of Bukittinggi, West Sumatra. Not playing amazing nature, guaranteed tourists will be amazed when they see cultural sites that have historical value that become tourist objects. There are 10 tourist attractions in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra that are the choice of tourists.

No wonder that the city of Bukittinggi is currently better known as the city of Tourism. In addition, the distance between attractions in the city is also close. Thus facilitating the mobility of tourists who want to vacation in the city of Bukittinggi.

Tourist Attractions in Bukittinggi

10 Tourist Attractions in Bukittinggi Choice of Travelers
10 Tourist Attractions in Bukittinggi Choice of Travelers

Well, because of the peculiarities of this tourist city is suitable as a vacation spot, you must know some of the list of tourist hits in bukittinggi.

Jam Gadang

This is a typical tourist attraction of Bukittinggi which is very iconic and has become a tourist destination when vacationing in West Sumatra. It is said that jam Gadang is a landmark or a marker that you are in the city of Bukittinggi. Gadang clock design is quite unique shape, arguably similar to a monument or monument.

Jam Gadang has stood dashing in the city of Bukittinggi since 1926, which was designed directly by Sutan Gigi Ameh and Yazin. During the tour, tourists are not only amazed by the splendor of Jam Gadang, but also the natural panorama around the city that is ready to amaze you.

Japanese Hole

This tourist attraction in Bukittinggi area is quite interesting to visit because it is a relic of the Japanese colonial period. Japanese hole is a preferred destination and also one of the 10 tourist attractions in Bukittinggi that keeps a lot of history.

The hallway also has a fairly long size, which is about 1.47 kilometers. In addition, there are several small aisles of 21 pieces that are commonly used by the Japanese as meeting rooms and ammunition storage areas.

Sianok Canyon Valley

In the middle of the city of Bukittinggi there is an interesting tourist attraction in the form of a steep valley called Sianok Canyon Valley. The depth of this valley is quite winding, which is about 100 meters. It is known that the Sianok Canyon Valley is also very long, almost about 15 kilometers with a valley width of 200 meters.

Sianok Canyon Valley is also fairly still very natural, so this destination is also a tourist recommendation in Bukittinggi choice of tourists. While at the tourist site, visitors can explore the beauty of the Valley alley on foot.

Janjang Saribu

The most popular tourist attraction in the city of Bukittinggi next is definitely Janjang Saribu which is known to have a thousand steps. Here, tourists will be immediately presented with the charm of nature that is still very natural. However, this tourist location is quite extreme because you have to trace the gap of the winding cliffs.

People who live around Junjang Saribu often make it as a place to take drinking water. There are also views of Mount Singgalang and Merapi that can be enjoyed from this attraction

Baanjuang Traditional House Museum

Tourists who want to learn the culture of the Minangkabau tribe while in the city of Bukittinggi can visit this attraction directly. Baanjuang traditional house Museum is a traditional tourist destination that preserves Minangkabau Customs and culture. Various kinds of traditional tools and traditional culture of Minangkabau stored well in this museum.

The location of the Baanjuang Traditional House Museum in the city center makes it easily accessible to tourists. Because it is very strategic, you will not have trouble finding public transportation that can go to this one holiday destination.

Takuruang Canyon Hill

One of the recommendations of 10 tourist attractions in Bukittinggi next favorite is Bukit Gorges Takuruang. This tourist location is also still one region with Sianok Canyon Valley. The reason this hill is called Takuruang Canyon Hill is because it is located in a stretch of rice fields.

Tourists who travel to this location can also see the river flowing around the hill. In addition, this popular tourist spot in Bukittinggi is also often used as a camping location for those who want to see the beauty of the night sky.

Fort de Kock

Fort de Kock is the remains of the Dutch colonial government that had been established in 1830. And today the building that stands on the Hill has become a popular tourist attraction in the region.

Local managers have also made some changes to this attraction, such as shifting its function as a zoo. This place is highly recommended when you vacation with family.

Tridaya Eka Dharma Museum

The first vice president of Indonesia, Bung Hatta, has inaugurated the Tridaya Eka Dharma Museum in Bukittinggi. Hundreds of weapons used during the war are contained in this tourist attraction. For this reason, the museum, which has a unique and philosophical name, is recommended into the 10 most popular tourist attractions in Bukittinggi.

Not only serves as a place to store weapons of war, Tridaya Eka Dharma Museum is also used as a means of communication. So that the values of heroism can be appreciated by the current generation who are the heirs of the fighting spirit.

Limpapeh Bridge

Vacation to the city of Bukittinggi, West Sumatra feels more fun when tourists also stop by Limpapeh Bridge. This latest Bukittinggi tourist spot is quite popular because of its location hanging over the road.

With a length of about 90 meters, Limpapeh bridge serves as a link between Fort de Kock Fort and Kinantan Wildlife Park. This tourist attraction is quite suitable as a place to take pictures to capture your vacation moments.

Batu Kurai Limo Jorong

Formerly the site of Batu Kurai Limo jorong was made as a place for traditional deliberation between five tribes in the Bukittinggi area. The site was laid out in a circle which was built from natural rocks as many as five pieces. Starting from local visitors to foreign tourists come to this attraction of Batu Kurai Limo Jorong.


Up here only recommendations about 10 tourist attractions in Bukittinggi that are the choice of tourists today. Hopefully the above reference is useful when you want to know some of the most popular tourist attractions in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra.

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