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5 Shaded Places in Semarang, Safe for Social Distancing, All-Open Enjoying Nature

As a not-too-large city, Semarang still has a fascinating variety of things. From tourist attractions to cuisines. In addition to keeping pace with the development of the times by presenting today’s coffee shops, in Semarang it also has a place to relax and gather with an all-green and complaining natural atmosphere.

Well, it’s guaranteed that these cafés are suitable for you to go with friends, family, or couples. Here comes a café recommendation with a shady and open atmosphere that’s in Semarang, so it’s safe for you to keep applying social distancing.

Shaded Places in Semarang

5 Shaded Places in Semarang, Safe for Social Distancing, All-Open Enjoying Nature

1. Klu Café

If you not wanting to go by a long way, Klu Café can be a suitable destination for you. The concept is as open as it is in the middle of a forest. So you can feel the atmosphere of nature with tall trees, water gurgling and equipped with all-wood furniture. It is located on Bukit Puri Road No.26, Semarang.

Even though it’s cold Asiatic in residential settlements, the air here is still fresh. Some traditional toys are also available, such as dakon made of stone.

Meal price and drinks from Klu Café range from IDR 20 thousand to IDR 45 thousand.

2. Lodji Londo

Lodji Londo is a café located on Kaprawiran Street No.98, Semarang Regency. Although it is located in the Ungaran area and has to travel an hour, the scenery offered is very astringent. The café is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. WIB.

The Building also conceptualized the Dutch Colonial with a green expanse of space with a view of rice fields. Interestingly, the rice paddies here are formed tanbo art, which is the technique of painting in the media of rice paddies with plants as their object formers.

The food pun also varies, ranging from coffee, snacks to heavy meals. The price is also affordable, ranging from Rp15 thousand to Rp50 thousand.

3. Adhum Coffee

Adhum Coffee is a café that is also located in the Tembarang area, precisely on Jalan Mulawarman Raya No. 25A, All right. The café is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Here is also pet friendly, so you can invite your favorite animal to come here because it has an open space.

Meals and drink is also quite affordable ranging from IDR 11 thousand to IDR 30 thousand.

4. Milk Coffee Bu Lurah

Even though his name is Coffee Susu Ms. Lurah, this café does not belong to Ms. Lurah yes, Bela. Located on Rinjani Street No. 3A, Semarang is the one with the photo studio. The place is in the middle of the city, so it’s easy to reach.

Have an open area shade and spaciousness so as to be enjoyed in the afternoon. It is unique that the café has a locomotive and an original train car in front of its plant section. The price of food and drink starts at Rp17 thousand IDR 45 thousand.

5. Salatiga Swamp Bana

If you want to marry dead view of mountains and expanse of rice fields, looks like this place suits you. Bana Swamp Salatiga is located on Jalan H. Ilyas, Spraten One, Tuntang. You need to travel about an hour from Pusat city.

The building is also traditional sweeteners with several mutually separated joglo fruits. All semi-outdoor places, your can support the fresh air here. A large fish pond was also present. Make sure the weather is supporting yes, Bela, so you can see a good view.

The food and drink has a traditional taste, ranging from IDR 17 thousand to IDR 45 thousand.

Final Words

Well, want to hang out at where, is this it?

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