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5 Popular South Korean Tourist Places Many Tourists Are Interested in,Suitable for You Korean Drama Lovers!

Where are you going on vacation this time? Probably currently, overseas trips are still prone to be carried out due to the pandemic. However, there is nothing wrong with not making a list of tourist spots to visit after the pandemic is over. One destination that could be a destination is that South Korea’s tourist spots are popular.

South Korea being one of the world’s most frequent vacation destinations for overseas tourists, including K-Pop lovers. There are countless popular South Korean tourist spots that are interesting to visit. Let alone many tours are unique and distinctive with the local culture.

Well, are you curious about this popular South Korean tourist spot? Yuk, check out the following list!

Popular South Korean Tourist Places

5 Popular South Korean Tourist Places Many Tourists Are Interested in, Suitable for You Korean Drama Lovers!

1. Jeju Island

If you’re tie see Korean movies or dramas, definitely not unfamiliar with Jeju Island. It’s because the island is often used as a filming location. Then, how can you come to this popular South Korean tourist destination by renting a car by going through the best road of Route 12 in the shape of a circle around the island.

2. Yang Dong Traditional Village

Yang Dong Traditional Village is one of the villages that is a UNESCO world heritage site. You can visit it on vacation in South Korea. There’s something interesting you’ll get here.

In this village the upper class live on higher ground, whereas the others live on lower ground. Yang Dong Traditional Village provides an overview of the typical culture and buildings of aristocratic Confucianism of the Joseon Dynasty.

3. Nami Island

Tourist attractions The next popular South Korea is Nami Island. On this island there are many natural beauties you can enjoy. Nami Island itself was formed as a result of the construction of Cheongpyeong Dam and on top of it was the tomb of General Nami who was none other than the 7th king of the Joseon Dynasty and the leader who won against the rebels in one’s the year.

4. Seoul Arts Center

For those of you who are likes to know many things related to Korean history, then can come to Seoul Arts Center. There you will be able to enjoy cultural arts performances up to exhibitions such as dance, opera, theater, and movies.

The building that’s in This area of Seocho-gu, South Korea is the site of several important art and cultural organizations in South Korea.

5. Gyeongbokgu Palaceng

What’s interesting about one of these popular South Korean tourist spots? Gyeongbokgung Palace is the largest existing palace in the country. This Joseon Dynasty’s main palace became a symbol of the grandeur of the built Korean empire and people 1395.

Interestingly, here you can also take interesting photos by wearing traditional South Korean clothes. Those clothes can be rented at this tourist destination.

Line of sightseeing spots The popular South Korea already mentioned above is interesting isn’t it? If want to go on vacation there, there is nothing wrong with preparing away the day. Start from figuring out in detail related tourist spots, accommodations, and a trusted travel agent.

Final Words

Interested in going on a tour where this is, Yeorobun?

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