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Home » 5 Jogja Tourist Site, Eve Still Pure with Epic Scenery Suitable for You Who Want to Take Off the Tent

5 Jogja Tourist Site, Eve Still Pure with Epic Scenery Suitable for You Who Want to Take Off the Tent

Traveling to Jogja becomes one of the trip vacations that can make you lose track of time. How not, in addition to having many historic tourist spots, Jogja also has a cool variety of tourism and is suitable for relieving stress and boredom.

There are many Jogja tourist spots that still have pure air. Additionally, with its eye-indulgent natural scenery and instagramable photo spots, Jogja is truly a paradise for tourism, especially for millennials who want it hunting photos against a photogenic natural background.

Jogja Tourist Site to Relieve Stress

5 Jogja Tourist Site, Eve Still Pure with Epic Scenery Suitable for You Who Want to Take Off the Tent

Candi became one of the icons of Jogja tourism that should not be missed. However, this time you will be asked to know the unusual Jogja tourist attractions, which are tourist attractions in Jogja that have cool taste and are suitable for taking off stress. anything? Check it out!

1. Imogiri Pine Forest

Searching for J sightseeing spots suitable Jogja for relieving stress? If it is, Imogiri Pine Forest can be the right choice. The forest originally functioned only as a protected forest has a cool feel, coupled with fog combined with towering pine trees.

At Jogja tourist attractions this one is also an awful lot of instagramable photo spots. No wonder if Imogiri Pine Forest is often used as a prewedding photo spot and a fish or film making site, one of them is the AADC 2 film that takes scenes here.

2. Mangrove the Bridge Forest Fire

Mangrove region that this in Kulonprogo was originally intended to break up ocean waves. However, due to the enthusiastic citizens’ making it a photo spot, the government built Fire-Fire Bridge and opened it as one of Jogja’s tourist attractions.

It’s not just that, bridge which is in this Jogja tourist destination is not an ordinary bridge, as it has a shape resembling a maze and slightly wobbles when passed, thus spurring adrenaline. There are also 4 large bridges in the mangrove forest area that divide the oceans.

3. Latitude Sewu Hill

As per his name, The Latitude Sewu which means a thousand stars, this Jogja tourist spot presents a beautiful star view. Combined with the glittering lights of the city and the cool haze, the Latitude Sewu Hill is perfect for juju at night.

You can also go camping at Jogja tourist attractions in the Bantul area to be more satisfied with enjoying the night view. However, it is better that you depart during the day in order to enjoy the beauty of the sunset.

4. A Thousand Rocks of Sky Songgo

Jogja’s one tourist spot It is a suitable place to travel with children and families. The main attraction of this Jogja tourist destination is not only a child-friendly location, but also the existence of Hobbit houses that can be educational tours for children. Meanwhile, for those of you who want to hunt for photo spots, there are also beautiful rock beds, viewing substations, and large photogenic rocks that cannot be missed.

5. Glamping De’Lano

Jogja Glamping Tourist Site De’Lano is different from tourist spots in general. Glamping stands for glamour camping, meaning camping with glamour, which is camping with 11 special tents that each tent can accommodate 6 people at a time. Each tent is equipped with a bed, a desk, to electricity.

In addition to fully equipped facilities, camping at Glamping De’Lano is guaranteed to be memorable because of its unique scenery. The camping site surrounding the tall pine trees rises, so the scenery looks very astringent. The air is also so cool that you can enjoy a quality morning while camping here.


From 5 Jogja tourist spots has a cool feel, which place does you like the most? Remember, in addition to choosing the most appropriate Jogja sightseeing spot, don’t forget to prepare you needs while on vacation, yes! Especially those related to health protocols, so your vacation will stay safe and comfortable.

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