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5 Exciting Ideas to Enjoy Jakarta in Pandemic Times

Pandemic times do block travel activity, however, it doesn’t mean you can’t hang out at all. Who are around Jakarta, for example, can still visit various fun places in Jakarta to enjoy their free time in the pandemic while maintaining health protocols.

Then, what exciting activities can be done in Jakarta during the pandemic?

Enjoy Jakarta in Pandemic Times

5 Exciting Ideas to Enjoy Jakarta in Pandemic Times

1. Enjoy ‘Ngonthel’s’ Seriousness in the Old Town

You must know with the Old City of Jakarta, isn’t it? In a place that was intentionally opened for this tour, you can enjoy the splendor of the Dutch-style building and reminisce about Indonesia before independence. Not only that, in Old Town, you can also rent an ancient ‘onthel’ bike painted in various colors to add vintage impressions.

Want performance over in old town matching? you could also use a vintage dress with a flower accent or a plain dress that can be found here.

2. Nostalgic Period of ‘Oma Opa’ in Maison Weiner

Maison Weiner is a European bakery in vintage shades because it has been standing since 1936. The dish served is specially home-made bread, so it will invite you to reminisce about the times when visiting ‘oma opa’ houses who like to serve home-made cakes.

Agar feel when visiting Maison Weiner more “click,” and can pretty photos, you can use vintage-style clothes. For example, dress ruffle combined with leather bag. Haven’t had a ruffle dress yet? Relax, you can find it here.

3. The Streets Between the Tall Buildings di SCBD

Sudirman Central Business District will be Jakarta area surrounded by tall buildings and also the location of one of the most recent shopping malls, Astha. At the weekend, you can enjoy free time in the SCBD area that is opened as a public space for walking or sports. You too are free to walk leisurely, enjoy a bazaar, or do light exercise hobbies.

But, don’t forget the appearance though the goal is just an afternoon walk, yes! The eye catching performance while sightseeing in SCBD will give you more confidence and can even hang out in Astha right away after a leisurely stroll. In order to keep the performance look cool, you can try combining casual wear with the latest sports shoes you can find here.

4. Enjoying the Grandeur of Ramlie Musofa Mosque

Want more exciting activities approaching self with God or simply admiring the beauty of architecture? You can try religious tours to Ramlie Musofa Mosque. In this mosque you can enjoy the majesty of mosques made with a 4-cultural alloy, namely Indonesia, India, Arabia, and Gaesong.

Interestingly again, this one mosque is as beautiful as it is look similar to Taj Mahal so it is suitable for use as a background for photos. If visiting, don’t forget to wear Muslim clothes that are cute to make the resulting photo more attractive. Haven’t you had a Muslim dress that was a busy companion to the Ramlie Musofa Mosque? You can meet right the product here.

5. Enjoying Culinary Meals Accompanied by Clatter Water at Jimbaran Lounge

Want to enjoy a relaxing time in a way unique and fun? Just try eating at the Jimbaran Lounge. In this place you can feel the thrill of eating over the river with a splash of water, but still with a modern and delicate atmosphere.

Well, so you don’t miss out on gay look while visiting Jimbaran Lounge, make sure you don’t pick the wrong costume. You can wear casual clothes that come with casual shoes anyway.

Final Words

So, wait what else? It’s ready to around the city of Jakarta?

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