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Yes, if you talk about cultural tourism in Jakarta, there will be no end. Of the above 5 tours, which do you think is the most exciting? If someone already attracts you, do your own tour immediately.
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5 Cultural Tours in Jakarta That Make Indonesia’s

Indonesia is rich in culture. As the younger generation, we have a role to play in introducing and preserving it. One way can be by doing cultural tours.

The city of Jakarta is famous for its city frenzy filled with shopping malls as well as skyscrapers. But behind all that, Jakarta City anyway has places that inherit Jakarta culture.

Cultural tourism in Jakarta is also increasingly being improved. Besides you can take a vacation from the density of Kota Jakarta, you can also study and study deeper know regarding the history of Indonesia. Just choose which one suits your liking.

Learning While Recreating in Jakarta

Yes, if you talk about cultural tourism in Jakarta, there will be no end. Of the above 5 tours, which do you think is the most exciting? If someone already attracts you, do your own tour immediately.

In addition to adding knowledge, you can also learn new skills by cultural tourism. Still confused about its location anywhere? Here’s a list of tourist destination culture in Jakarta.

1. National Museum of Indonesia

To Jakarta of course I won’t afdol if you don’t play to the National Museum or Monas that are more familiar to the ears. For those of you interested in ancient objects, it is mandatory to come to the National Museum. The museum has 140 thousand collection items. Cool, right?

National Museum divided peddle on two sides. Elephant Building on the left and Arca Building on the right of the main entrance gate. In the Elephant Building is a cellar with a variety of arcas. Among them, relics of the royal age in Indonesia.

It’s different from the Arca Building. This building consists of 4 floors. Starting with the explanation and display of the ancient human way of life, the collection of cultural relics from a wide range of life fields, as well as the collection room of objects made of gold and ceramics on the 4th floor.

You’re the one who came to the museum in won’t feel so overwhelmed. Because the museum’s collection is neatly arranged and the moving space for visitors is quite wide.

2. Betawi Setu Babakan Village

Cultural tourism in Jakarta is not It will be complete if you don’t go to Betawi Setu Babakan Village. In this village, you can see Betawi’s typical house and visit the Betawi museum. This two-story museum will take you to see the Betawi period first.

Continuing around Setu’s hometown Babakan, it’s most exciting while tasting the food. There are pollack, ulam rice, pecans and others. You can try making your own Betawi storage such as dodol, coconut root and pletok beer.

Satisfied fill the stomach, don’t left behind hoot of watching a broadcast. Every Sunday, a regular Betawi art event is held in Setu Babakan. There are dance, music, martial arts and comedy performances. Everything is typical of Betawi and is staged in an amphitheater within the Setu Babakan area.

After watching the broadcast, the host can peddle musical instruments and Betawi silat. Before returning home, make sure you bring by-the-go culinary and craftsmanship typical of Betawi, yes.

3. Old Town

Many are do not know that the Old City area includes several areas in North Jakarta and West Jakarta. Among them, Fatahillah field and its surroundings, Chinatown area in Glodok and surrounding areas, Kali Besar to Sunda Kelapa Port.

All this time, The Old Town is identical to Fatahillah Park. This place is always the center of the crowd every weekend. Because more than 5 museums are around Fatahillah Park.

Around the park also has many food vendors as well as cafes. Those of you who want to try snacks at the time can first hunt for Jakarta’s vintage snacks such as pollack and ice sheaths.

Make your hobby of photo hunting, you can find lots of photo spots in this Old Town. Like the Intan City Bridge, the old building of the Red Store, even you can slide into Chinatown in Glodok.

4. Textile Museum

From his name already It’s predictable that this museum has a collection of textile. It is located, close to Brother Land Market. So those who want to shop at the market, can stop by this museum first.

When you get there, you’ll be immediately attached to the Batik Gallery. Inside, there are many collections of batik fabrics from all over Indonesia. The motifs and colors of the cloth will fascinate you.

The colors are pretty such one thanks to natural dyeing. You can find out about natural dyeing in the Natural Dye Park. It is located in the central courtyard of the museum. There, you can see directly the original plant is complete with captions of its name.

To this museum no I’ll be complete if you don’t join the study of mathematics. Each participant will receive the equipment and be accompanied by an instructor during his or her training. So participants who are beginners, don’t need to mind.

5. Beautiful Indonesian Mini Park (TMII)

This 150-acre tourist area It’s exactly called a complete package. You can take family, friends, even your partner. Here the little one can freely learn about his own citizenship.

You can see 33 buildings of a house.dat in Indonesia. Even in every custom house, you can see its traditional clothing and its regional culture. In addition, there are also worship houses of various religions and unique museums.

Finished exploring the museum, had a chance time to watch a movie about Indonesian history at the IMAX Keong Mas theater. This theater is an icon of TMII.

You with the big balls, can ride a stroller. Above the altitude, you can see a lake depicting the Indonesian archipelago. Because of the large amount of activity you can do, you’d better make itinerary before visiting here.

Final Words

Yes, if you talk about cultural tourism in Jakarta, there will be no end. Of the above 5 tours, which do you think is the most exciting? If someone already attracts you, do your own tour immediately.

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