Homecoming Prohibition is in effect, these 5 Tourist Sites in Jakarta Are Safe and Convenient so They Are Suitable for Eid Holidays

The prohibition of homecoming of Eid 2021 has already taken effect. Inevitably this keeps anyone in the domicile area without being able to return home. Even so, tourist attractions of each region remain open as Jakarta does.

There are many tourist spots in Jakarta that open during the Eid holiday. That line of destinations can be visited by the public, but still by following health protocols. Any tourist attractions in Jakarta are mean? You can listen to the following list, yes.

Tourist Sites in Jakarta

Homecoming Prohibition is in effect, these 5 Tourist Sites in Jakarta Are Safe and Convenient so They Are Suitable for Eid Holidays

1. Pantjoran Chinatown

Tourist attractions in Jakarta it offers a variety of culinary snacks that are sure to invite taste. Chinatown Pantjoran is on Kapuk 2 Beautiful Beach.

Design of premises This ta is set up under the theme of the State of China with various distinctive attributes of the Bamboo Curtain Country. on the front there will be a large iconic arch a red color that will make visitors feel like they are in China.

Make you come here will be able to enjoy various cuisines with live music accompaniment. You can also take photos at interesting spots in one of the tourist spots di Jakarta this.

2. White Sand Beach

Those who want cooling during Eid holidays, the beach could be a tourist destination. This White Sand Beach is an artificial tour of Kapuk Beautiful Beach (PIK) 2, Jakarta North. What can you do here?

Start from relaxing with enjoy the scenery, afternoon walks, and cycling you can do at this tourist destination in Jakarta. You can take photos and enjoying various cuisines available.

To enter a region This tour, you’re free. This White Sand Beach is open from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m.

3. Muara Angke Wildlife Sanctuary

Tourist attractions in Jakarta this is located in Kapuk Muara region, Kec. Screening, North Jakarta. The Muara Angke Wildlife Sanctuary Park is a forest tourism destination mangroves equipped with long wooden bridges to make visitors accessible through the natural forest.

Not only that, you juga could do other activities such as riding a boat to get around enjoying the atmosphere of forest cry. In the garden is covered with green and terrestrial various fauna, such as monkeys, birds, and birds.

4. Jetski Cafe

Tourist attractions di Jakarta is on Pearl Beach Highway No. 57, North Jakarta. If you come to this one place, there will be an ocean view treat with large ships seen passing by.

Usually place this is visited more frequently in the afternoon and at night. As it approaches sunset there will be a sight of nature so beautiful. In the evening, it will be decorated with the lights of buildings around it and musical accompaniment.

be in a cafe It will make you feel comfortable to spend time relaxing.

5. Mini Park Indonesia Beautiful

Indo Mini Park Indah is one of Jakarta’s tourist spots that open during Eid. This destination in East Jakarta is a park built like a miniature of Indonesia.

You’ll be able to see the custom house, museum, garden, and theater buildings that present the unique features of various regions in Indonesia.

Tourist attractions this could also be a means of education related to Nusantara. Even you can try one of the exciting rides like a four-dimensional movie theater, you know!

Final Words

Which is so Your choice will be? The tourist destination in Jakarta can be a destination to fill the Eid holiday time. In addition to vacationing, it is good to bring your own supplies from home to make it more enjoyable.

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