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7 Banyumas Tourist Site, History-Wrapped Natural Tourism
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7 Banyumas Tourist Site, History-Wrapped Natural Tourism

The Banyumas district based on its scripted history has a great many great figures in its day. Among them are Adi Pati Wirasaba, Joko Kaiman, then there are Jenderal Soedirman, Gatot Subroto, Sony Harsoeno, Soparjo Roestam, etc.

In addition to having many knights or figures remembered to date, Banyumas has an abundance of tourist sites you can go to.

The most popular in Banyumas include Baturaden and Mount Slamet, but there are many other tourist destinations that you have to visit with your beloved friends or family.

To get to Banyumas can be traversed by using different types of modes of transportation, both by land and air, using private vehicles, buses, trains, or even airplanes.

Here are 11 tourist spots in Banyumas that you should visit:

7 Banyumas Tourist Site

7 Banyumas Tourist Site, History-Wrapped Natural Tourism

1. Baturraden locawisata

Baturraden is located on the slopes of Mount Slamet thus making it have a very beautiful panorama of nature as well as cool air.

a tourist destination that one this represents a favorite location families in Banyumas, apart from having beautiful nature, Lokawisata Baturraden has many varieties of exciting tourism.

Like swimming in open nature, witness nature yang is so beautiful, playing water at Curug Gumawang, playing existing game rides, as well as fun photo shooting spots.

Therefore Lokawisata Baturraden constitutes tour excellence ta that many tourists come from both inside and outside the Banyumas area always visit.

2. Telu Shower

Telu shower in Baturraden Lokawisata Complex, which is a hot spring source originating from Mount Slamet.

So, when playing water in the Telu Shower you’ll soak like a spa with a natural atmosphere around that is still warm and cool.

The water is coming out from in small cubicles consisting of 3 showers, so from that it is brewed under the name Telu Shower. However, in the vicinity tes a small waterfall through which cold water flows. What a unique blend it is!

By soaking di This Telu shower is believed to block skin luscus and can help cure skin diseases and rheumatism.

3. Silent Telaga

Silent Telaga is feed a river or telaga that is in the middle of a forest, so a calm and peaceful atmosphere can we feel.

Some say embedding the word “Sunyi” is an acronym of “Hidden Heaven”, some also mention being named Silent Telaga because of its locations guy is often used as a place for nothing or to be alone.

Because of being in In the middle of the forest, to enjoy the peace of nature in Silent Telaga you have to do tracking first but not is too hard.

Silent Telaga have clear pond, the water is turquoise blue and has a depth of up to 3 meters. So many visitors do snorkeling, to witness the beauty at the bottom of the pond.

Around Telaga Silent is a waterfall whose water is sourced from the springs of Mount Slamet, and its nature is surrounded by damar and pine trees that adds to the atmosphere.

4. Curug Ceheng

Curug Ceheng has an altitude of about 13 meters, the water it drains clean is also clear from Kali Pelus. Underneath is a natural pond that is quite large also deep.

Before marrying the beauty of Curug Ceheng, you should do trekking down the stairs first. Although a little exhausting, the panoramic nature presented throws off all the tiredness that be felt.

Variety of ser tours that you can do while in Curug Ceheng among them is play flow around a waterfall where there are lots of rocks.

And that is not you forget of course, take a picture with Curug Ceheng itself as well as the natural beauty around him that is still natural.

5. Curug of Jenggala

Curug Jenggala body an altitude of about 30 meters, by having 3 waterfall streams of different types. Originally this curug was named Curug Tempuan, because it was the result of meeting several river so called Curug Jenggala.

Toward Curug Jenggala you have to do trekking first, walk 800 meters by going through the waterway of the Ketenger PLTA, rice field area, and garden.

At the Beak Curug you can play water only around the stream, because the discharge of water and the current it passes are quite dangerous.

The most serial visitors visit is a heart-shaped wooden deck right in front of the waterfall. You can see from the height the beauty of Curug Jenggala as well as take pictures with.

6. Sudirman General Museum

The museum is made with in memory of General Sudirman’s services and devotion, as we know that General Sudirman was one of the national heroes who managed to fight Yogyakarta again as the capital of Indonesia at that time.

Inside such museum you can see the dioramas of his life as well as his struggles in life. We seem to be in the same situation.

In addition, the museum is it’s well arranged, so it’s right to make it a historical tourist destination for children.

This Sasmitaloka Museum would be the right tourist site to teach history to children early on. Let themselves feel the struggle of the Gen. Sudirman

7. Single Saka Mosque

Saka Single Mosque or another Baitussalam Mosque is in Cikakak Village, and is believed to have been standing since hundreds of years ago.

The walls are made of a bamboo with a motif of diamonds, as well as some supporting posts about 5 meters in height.

Inside your own mosque to feel a tremendous calm, with a gust of wind penetrating through the cracks in the walls

In the vicinity of Saka Tung Mosque there are trees with quite a thick hillside, so it’s no wonder you can sometimes see long-tailed monkeys hanging around.

Final Words

That’s her seventh nature tour that holds many historical values from Banyumas City. It must be really nice yes, being able to enjoy the natural scenery with its distinctive atmosphere, coupled with knowledge of historical values.

So, where are you planning to visit? Don’t forget to make a thorough preparation yes before leaving for the tourist site.

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