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10 Recommended Tourist Attractions In Papua That Are Famous And Interesting
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10 Recommended Tourist Attractions In Papua That Are Famous And Interesting

Papua is one of the islands in Indonesia which has a diversity of natural attractions which are so beautiful and still original with a unique culture and distinctive, tourist attractions in Papua also certainly not less interesting with other regions in Indonesia.

Tourist attractions In Papua

Beauty of nature makes every corner in Papua has an attraction for visitors. Well, then from that let’s consider the 10 recommendations tourist attractions in Papua that is interesting to visit that has been summarized by TheHarpNews.

No need to linger let’s see the review.

1. Raja Ampat

tourist attractions in Papua famous, Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is one of the tourist attractions in the province with the beauty of nature is so amazing, with 4 large islands which entered into raja ampat islands, namely the Island of Waigeo, Misool Island, Salawati, and Batanta Island.

travelers visiting Raja Ampat certainly not be disappointed with the beauty of nature that has been presented. In addition, Raja Ampat itself, including one of the best waters for diving. Therefore, Raja Ampat is highly recommended for tourists to visit Papua.

2. National Park Cenderawasih Bay

tourist attractions in West Papua, National park Teluk Cenderawasih

this Place is one of the places which is highly recommended when you go to Papua. National Park Cenderawasih Bay have a lot of keanekagaraman flora and diverse fauna, both on land and sea. National park Ocean Paradise itself has an area of 1.453.500 Ha.

the National Park Teluk Cenderawasih own more waters than the mainland, and is one of the largest ocean in Indonesia. National park Cenderawasih Bay has a wide variety of types of coral reefs are very beautiful. Aside from coral, there is a wide variety of types of fish, turtles, and also dolphins.

3. Lake Sentani

the Lake Sentani

Sentani Lake is one of the tourist attractions in Papua and is highly recommended for tourists who are happy by nature, because the scenery is so beautiful be one of the attraction for visitors. Lake Sentani have equipped the boat for tourists to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Sentani Lake has a diverse range of marine life are very beautiful, in addition, can be used both for swimming, diving, fishing, and canoeing. In addition to that, tourists can also see the beauty of the sunset in Bukit Teletabis located in the west of Lake Sentani.

4. Beach Monalisa

Beach Monalisa

Beach Monalisa is a beach located in the Hometown of Water Mandidi, the District of Teluk Kimi, Nabire Regency. The naming of the beach is called by an owner of a resort, that Mrs. Monalisa. 

this Beach is very big for travelers due to have a special attraction, which is a bridge on each side of the beach with a bale that is utilized to relax and see the beautiful scenery for visitors. And if you want to see the beautiful sun is very suitable for your next trip to the Beach Monalisa.

5. The bay of triton

bay of triton is a village located in the west of the Island, which is the capital city of Raja Ampat, West Papua. This village is still very thick with the culture that is still traditional, one of them is the building of the house are still made of wood and still use the roof which is still made from the leaves of the straw.

bay of triton is very suitable for tourists, because you can buy a variety of souvenirs such as bags and hats. Shops are there in this village made by the local indigenous people. In addition, within the village there is a lake that can be utilized if you want to swim.

6. Travel to Lake Ayamaru

Travel to Lake Ayamaru is a tourist spot located in the area of Ayamaru, Kabupaten Maybrat, the City of Sorong. A view that is so stunning radiated on the lake, a habitat that is still natural and the water is so crystal clear with a bluish color to be an attraction that is very attractive to tourists.

For the tourists who visit this lake will be presented with various types of ornamental fish and freshwater fish are colorful and beautiful, too. Not only fish in this lake, but there are also various kinds of shrimp. The lake is very suitable for tourists who want to calm down because it is still very empty.

7. Beach Amai

Beach Amai is a beach located in the area of Depapre, Jayapura Regency. This beach is very suitable for you who like hanging out at the beach, because of the beautiful beach scenery coupled with the abundance of coconut trees are beautiful and very high. The atmosphere of the beach is very soothing to the eye because it has a cozy atmosphere.

this Beach has a stretch of mountains and small islands around the coast. If you want to go to this beach with a quiet atmosphere without the fear of number of visitors coming then you can visit on a typical day.

8. Lorentz National Park

Lorentz National Park the park is the largest in south east Asia.  with an area of 2.3 million hectares. This park is very amazing with the beauty that is so comfortable to be seen by the eyes, this park consists of 10 regions of the different districts. Because it consists of the territory of different districts that make up this park consists of various types of ecosystems that are so beautiful.

If your next trip to the Lorentz National Park will be very surprised by the presence of the habitat of various types of rare animals which are rarely found and viewed directly by the eye.

9. Beach Base-G

Beach Base-G called Tanjung Ria is a beach located in the West of the City of Jayapura, Papua. This beach is very big for local and foreign tourists who are visiting Papua, especially for travelers who want a quiet and peaceful as well as tourists who feel a sense of restlessness. The presence of white sand and the waves are not too big to add beauty for Beach Base-G.

in Addition, travelers will also be presented with the presence of sea water with the color of the clear blue that is so beautiful that makes you marvel at the beauty of the Beach’s Base-G. And if you want to see the beautiful morning sun so beautiful, you can see it with a visit to the beach is better with friends and family.

10. Baliem Valley

the Baliem Valley is a valley located in the Mountains Jayawijaya. The valley is located at an altitude of 1600 meters from sea level and surrounded by mountains with a beautiful view. If tourists want to visit this valley, they’ll see the activities of the indigenous people of Papua, due to the Baliem Valley itself is a place of residence of the Dani Tribe, Lani and Yali. Besides being able to see the activities of the native tribes of Papua, the tourists can also see and watch traditional music and clothes worn by the tribe.

Final Words

That is some 10 tourist attractions Papua which has been recommended by TheHarpNews Hopefully with this article can be helpful and can be useful for those of You who want to go and pay a visit to Papua.

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